Striptease in a Townhouse


We are ethical.

We are boutique.

We are a house of striptease.

A house for only the most discerning of rogues and rascals, steeped in a murky heritage of fortune and intrigue.

23 Paul Street was from 1911 to 1924 a site of the infamous Gold Price Fix; where powerful men met in secret to decide the price of the world’s gold. Fortunes were made as the Empire waned.

Today we are a cabinet of curiosities, historical and sensual, where the scoundrel in you can indulge his or her playful side in a refuge of old world chic and addictive irreverence.

An irrepressible smattering of rather attractive companions have been rumoured to actively encourage curiosity of all kinds.

Expect fancy dress, nipple tassels and secret doorways.

Do not expect bad taste, bad manners or bad attitudes. Neither will we.


Our bit:

We believe that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing very well indeed.

We hold respect to be the most admirable of virtues.

We insist that when being naughty one must still be nice.

We promise to ALWAYS leave lipstick on your collar.


Your bit:

Remember that good manners cost nothing.

Join in the fun.

Never, ever order a Jägerbomb.

Open your mind; it takes two to tease.

Look, gasp, but please don’t touch.

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Monday – Friday: 7pm -3am
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

23 Paul St,

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