A Boutique Striptease Experience

We Are

We are bonkers.

We are boutique.

We are London’s only immersive cabaret.

We are a cabinet of curiosities, historical and experiential where the party comes alive onstage and around you in a refuge of old world chic and surreal irreverence.

We are fancy dress, show-stopping performances and awesome lighting displays.

You Ask

You enter into a basement bar with good vibes and even better company. If you choose to be entertained you’ll have the choice of heading up to the Observatory, Mr Stendhal’s Room or The Hidden.

Mr. Stendhal’s Room and The Hidden all offer Sofa Time, where you pay for a period and share a sofa with your entertainer. You’ll have fancy dress, tethers, masks and head massagers in a beautiful space.

In The Hidden, you are paying for a room to yourself (or your group) and have the option of playing your own background music and getting very silly indeed. Did somebody say party?

You’re more than welcome to hang out in the bar cracking funnies all evening.

Alternatively you can pay to be teased, which is what we do for a living. Your choices are:

What? Where? Cost?* Time? Table?**
Individual Tease The Observatory          (G) £25 3-4 minutes No
30m Sofa Time Mr. Stendhal’s Room   (1) £220 30 minutes Yes
60m Sofa Time Mr. Stendhal’s Room   (1) £420 60 minutes Yes
Hidden Group *** Hidden Rooms      (2) £620 60 minutes Yes
Hidden Individual **** Hidden Rooms      (2) £720 60 minutes Yes

*Prices are per entertainer
**Table service incurs a 10% discretionary service charge.
***Multiple entertainers
****Single entertainer

‘Fraid not.

We’re reasonable. A glass of prosecco is £7 and a double mixer is £10.

Our entry bar is mainly a standing space so we don’t have ‘tables’ but may be able to reserve a space for you. Please email excuseme@23paulstreet.com

21 without exception. We don’t make the rules, the Council does.

As many of our guests wear suits we recommend smart casual at the least. Please call ahead if you’ve already left home in a hawaiian shirt and are unsure.

We are licenced until 6am but last entry is at 2.45am.

That’s a firm ‘No’. Please don’t try.

As you may have figured out by now, no.

Ethos & Etiquette

Our bit:

We believe that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing very well indeed.

We hold respect to be the most admirable of virtues.

We insist that when being naughty one must still be nice.

Your bit:

Remember that good manners cost nothing.

Join in the fun.

Never, ever order a Jägerbomb.

Giggle, gasp, but please don’t touch.

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Location Hire

Our spectacular four-storey townhouse is available for hire for film and photoshoots as well as meetings, parties and private events for up to 200 people.

Please email excuseme@23paulstreet.com with any enquiries or to arrange a viewing.

Guest List

Reservations available from 7pm to 2.45am Monday to Friday


    Find Us

    Tuesday – Friday: 7pm -3am
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed

    23 Paul St,
    EC2A 4JU

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